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Why is public mobile so difficult to get set up on?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I paid $10 to order a SIM card from the website and it never arrived after a month of me waiting. 
they then told me to buy a SIM card in a Koodoo store and then they refund me online for the undelivered sim but they haven’t. 
I even went to set my SIM card up and because I got my Imei number wrong it failed to transfer it and when I follow their trouble shooting text to retry it tells me my number was never attempted to transfer. 
It’s impossible to contact people for support on these matters and now instead of being able to transfer my number and cancel my old sim I’m about to be paying for two different sim plans this month. 

from a customer service point of view this has been the worst experience I can remember for a while 



Understandable but we are all members/customers like you trying to help other members with issues.

There are no PM staff on this Public Community forum.

Members here has given you the private messaging contact for the CS_Agent (staff) to open a ticket to help you further.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I’m not blaming your staff for my mistake but since I haven’t been contacted and offered help. I got a text saying to call a number to try again and when I did it said that my number had never tried to transferred. So now im stuck with no clue on what to do and im about to be charged for two SIM cards. 
I think I’m allowed to be annoyed considering how difficult public make it to get any actual tech support

Mayor / Maire


Who are “they”…PM CS_Agent?

Then you are communicating with PM staff then it is possible to contact an agent.

I don’t think you can blame PM for you entering the wrong IMEI.

To complete the porting of your old number. Your old account with the other carrier must be active. You need to leave your old SIM in your phone and reply with YES confirming you are porting over to PM wit hi n the 90 minute window.

If any of these steps are missed then you need to contact a CS_Agent.

Mayor / Maire

hi @AliGreen93 

you put in the sim to a phone and it works for outbound call yet?

you used the app to get to the end of the activation?

I will send you the porting team support #, check Community inbox

and if the sim cannot even make outbound calls, also submit a ticket here

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