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What is the CWTA?

Mayor / Maire

The CWTA website says:


"[Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association] is the authority on wireless issues, developments and trends in Canada. It represents companies that provide services and products across the wireless sector. Representing the industry before all levels of government and various regulatory agencies, CWTA actively promotes the industry with the goal of ensuring continued growth of the wireless sector in Canada. CWTA administers a number of initiatives on behalf of its members, including corporate social responsibility programs and the national common short codes program."


CWTA Members include Bell and Rogers (and thus, I assume, all of their MNO/MVNO subsidiaries), Freedom Mobile (not Shaw), and most of the other Canadian wireless operators.  Telus (and Telus subsidiaries, including Public Mobile) are conspicuously absent from this list.


CWTA compiles and reports some interesting statistics - which apparently include data/figures from Telus operations.  But, aside from that, what exactly does the CWTA do?  And are they a private organization or a government subsidized/operated one?  I understand the functions of the CRTC and the CCTS, but not the CWTA.


@sheytoon, I think it’s almost always anti consumer.

It's an industry lobby group. They look out for the best interests of the member companies. They are usually anti government regulation and anti consumer.

The CWTA seems to overlap a lot with CRTC, very redundant.


I'm guessing "representing" really means it's some sort of high-level legal lobbyist group?


"It represents companies that provide services and products across the wireless sector." Therefore, a private organization funded by the members.

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