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Unable to change payment for resubscription, can't use the same SIM to create a new subscription

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am trying to reactivate my account after a missed payment due to an expired card. 

When I logon to my myaccount, I only have the "getting started with public mobile" screen (mobile app the same) where I can select a plan and link a Sim. The sim I already have is not valid for this. 

The problem is there is no way to access my main profile page with the tabs for subscription and add ons , payments etc. I found a workaround by acquiring a link to submit a support ticket from the chatbot, this leads to a 404 error that brings me to my main myacount page. However, all of the pages are broken and load indefinitely. Through the cart button, there is a change payment option that does actually load the form for submitting credit info.. this returns a server error when completed. 

I would like to use the phone number and the sim card I have now and continue my service. At this point it appears as though I've lost the use of my sim card forever and potentially my phone number? Any help would be greatly appreciated, 

Thank you 



Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

It does seem something is broken, but normally you can go 90 days after your plan expires, before the account is closed (people do that when they leave the country for extended periods). So if it's been <90 days since your phone was active (i.e. <120 days since your last actual payment), you should be confident you'll keep the number and the SIM will still work. Assuming there are no other complications, of course.

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