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USA Roaming ($0 Free Holiday Giveaway)

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
I have such Add on below,
$0 Free Holiday Giveaway: 500min INTL Long Distance incl CA & US.
Is that means if I can use 500mins in USA without any roaming add on(15 days USA add on plan)? Does the 500 mins be activated automaticlly when I arrive in USA?

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire


Unfortunately not. You must purchase a 15 Day US Roaming add on. These are immediately valid upon purchase counting down by hour (15×24 hrs=360 hrs). If you decide to purchase a US Roaming add on that includes a talk feature ensure that VoLTE is enabled on your phone. If is not or your phone is not VoLTE compatible you will need to use T-Mobile's 2G network as detailed in the following thread that contains useful info on public mobile's US Roaming add ons.


Along with pm's help article on VoLTE calling....


The add on you are referring to in your post is for calling whilst in Canada to international destinations on public mobile list (that includes the US.)


No it means that you can call the US while you are located in Canada.  You need a US Roaming Package to use the PM services while visiting the US



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@gloomor , the add-on you are referring to is for making calls while in Canada.  For US calling you need to purchase a US roaming add-on.

Mayor / Maire

No, it does not.  That is for use when you are in Canada to call international included countries.  


In order to be able to use public mobile services in the US, you need to purchase a US roaming add on.