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US-roaming add-ons

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Are 2GB one-time data bonus and 500 one-time Int'l LD bonus useable in the US? Also, are the only US add-ons the ones in ( or are there customizable ones? Thanks.


Mayor / Maire

1. No. These are for use from Canada only.

2. US add-ons are not customizable. What you see is what you get.

Mayor / Maire

Hi @lory as your the title said, you need roaming.  So, those you listed are only for used in Canada 


how long you are going for? you could be spending less if you buy local data sim


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire


  1. No. Only in Canada.
  2. Yes and No there are no customizable US Roaming add ons.


Here is more info on US Roaming add ons. Please note VoLTE is now enabled for pm customers be sure to enable it on your phone. If your phone does not support VoLTE then using T-Mobile's 2G network in the US applies as detailed in the following thread.

Mayor / Maire

@lory- If you are travelling to the US, you must purchase a roaming package specifically for that.  Your LD bonus minutes or one-time data bonuses do not work in the US.

Edit:  The roaming packages do not allow for customization.