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US roaming add on

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I wish I could phone a support line so I could scream and yell. More than once I’ve purchased a US roaming add on only to find that it doesn’t work when I arrive in the US. I then spend hours trying everything to get it to work. 
For this trip I purchased US talk/text//3gb data for $30 and nothing works. 
Anyone have any suggestions?


Mayor / Maire


Probably this is the main reason why PM is an online service so members can’t yell and scream at them. 😉

You just need to change the settings on your phone to connect.

Mayor / Maire

I could definitely understand your frustrations. However,  if there was a phone services, screaming and yelling would not get you anywhere. That sounds like a two year old with a tantrum.  As a customer service agent I would disconnect the call.

But wishing you the best with the suggestions provided. 

Mayor / Maire

AS per many, many posts US add-on and even Plan US/Can are hit and miss.

Connect manually to AT&T and T-mobile, activate roaming. Nothing else yo can do...

Mayor / Maire


make sure Data Roaming is enabled. Set network to T-Mobile or AT&T. Make sure to use 4G..NOT 5G. You should have texting ok though.

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