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US Roaming

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I bought an extension to my US Roaming but it showed up as something else or did not work. My visa was charged but have NO Service! I have had Public for 8 years and I will never use the Add ons again because they are a disaster! Is there any way to get this resolved or am I screwed? I have submitted 2 tickets and no response…


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I checked my purchase history and the charge I received today when I purchased the add on looks exactly the same as the one I bought 15-16 days ago when first in US. I sent a message to CS-Agent, will they get back me? Any idea when! This support mechanism seems very flaky. Never know where I am in it. How to find the inbox. When I find it, nothing in there. It asks me to sign in non stop as well. Thanks for your help. I will likely never buy an add on again as it’s not worth the hassle 

So maybe you bought the wrong add-on. Happens. So you don't see the extra balance in your account? If so then contact support to credit you back the mistaken purchase and remove it and then use that credit to buy the correct add-on. Make sure you don't see any roaming add-ons showing a day counter of #/15. Or buy the correct add-on just to get service back and then ask support for the credit and removal of the other.

hi @gilnockie1957 we are just customers like you 

while you working with us to check, have you submitted ticket with agent yet? It has been an hour since your original post, agent could have picked up your ticket and resolved it by now.  With your situation, I think it has to have an agent to step in

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I received and invoice/ receipt for an add on but it did not say US Roaming so my card was charged and likely no credit on account

Well that might be a data point towards the actual 24 hour wait time. Maybe you tried before that 24 hours. The important part is if it still showed as 0/15. When it hits 0/15 the service stops. But that stays there for some time. Is it still there? Do you see at least the amount you paid in your balance?
If the 0/15 is gone and you have the balance then you can go ahead and re-buy the add-on you want. The account already has the money so you won't pay again.

hi @gilnockie1957 yes, it is troublesome here to rebuy same addon before the first one expired.  In fact, people have to wait a day after expired to rebuy 

you need to submit ticket with CS agent to sort it out

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I bought it a day after the previous plan expired. I did not check the day counter before buying 

So you saw the 0/15 day counter or it was gone? Re-buying would work if it was gone. It sounds like it was still showing with whatever day counter.

hi @gilnockie1957 how long it expired?


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Previous plan was expired 

Mayor / Maire

Re-buying the same add-on has probably been the same problem since all of your 8 years. Is the day counter of the previous one down to 0/15? Is the previous add-on now gone? You either have to wait for the previous one to completely disappear (click on the little spinner refresh icon below the shop add-ons button to make sure). Or if 0/15 is still showing then you could buy a different add-on. Or you can support to re-buy for you.

I suspect the "purchase" money you made is just added to your balance. That's what happens when you re-buy while the older is still present.

Mayor / Maire

hi  @gilnockie1957 can you confirm what addon is showing?? want to see if you got the wrong one

if you got the incorrect addon? you can submit ticket with CS agent and ask them to reverse it so you cam rebuy.  Submit by message here

If you think you got correct roaming addon, try manual connect T-Mobile or AT&T 

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