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US Roaming stopped working

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi, I was using a US Roaming add-on (bundle) just fine until (I think) I used up the data. Then I purchased another US Roaming add-on (data only) but now it wouldn't work. My bars show the R sign and it says LTE but it has an exclamation mark on it. My Public Mobile account dashboard shows lots of US Roaming data available for me to use.


I've tried restarting my phone a couple of times and choosing the T-Mobile network. Nothing works. Although it might have to do with my APNs which I did reset due to an unrelated problem yesterday.


Please help me with this, I appreciate any insight that you can provide. Thanks!


- Ruben


It's only a problem for talk. And you can't actually buy the same add-on until after it expires. So you must have bought a different add-on.

But the APN, yes that should not need changing. Can you provide images of your APN settings.

@rubeennsp   Yes, you need to wait either 24 or 48 hrs before being able to purchase the same roaming add-on after the first one expires.  You could try messaging customer support and ask them for assistance or an account credit.


Submit a ticket via chatbot here:

Here's a link to private message CS_Agent:

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I want to add that my last roaming add-on purchase was made before the previous add-on period expired. I know this might raise a problem.