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US Roaming calls not working

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


I have a voice add-on that is not working. Currently the phone is in NY, but voice is not available. The data plan is OK. Is there anything that needs to happen in order to activate the voice calls? Some phone settings? My phone is Android, Motorola G Play. Calling the phone doesn't generate an error message, it just rings, but no calls are received. 





Thank you.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hmm, I guess the 400 minutes International Long Distance (incl. Canada and US) wasn't what I thought it was... If it's only available from Canada clearly it will not work in NY. 

Mayor / Maire

@ca_iancu   with US decommissioning 3G network, the voice roaming is not 100% reliable.  Many people mentioned it ddidn't work in NYC


First, make sure you are using T-Mobile network

You can try to change your preferred network type to 2G to see if it connects at all.  Voice will be using 2G network but you likely don't want to leave it in 2G as your data will not work or will be extremely slow


Since your data is working , use LTE again, and download VoIP app Textnow to make free calls and text to US and Canada.  That is a workaround for now


Mayor / Maire

Make sure to manually select T-Mobile for your calls.


did you also buy a Roaming talk add-on...I only see the data portion. The other add-on I see is for use while in Canada.

Mayor / Maire

@ca_iancu Try switch phones to to 2G network instead. Try T-Mobile network, since AT and A won't work.