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US Roaming - anyone used recently?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Has anyone used the US roaming recently?

There were reports last year about the issues with shutting down of T-Mobile 2G networks, which made the roaming pretty much useless.

Now that Public Mobile has implemented VoLTE in March- anyone tried to use roaming in the States?




You will be using VoLTE for voice calls in US if the VoLTE is enabled on your phone.


Other Changes to US Roaming Add-ons:

- US Roaming add-ons are good for 15 days (Not 10 days any more).

- US Data only add-on: $25=3GB, $20=1GB, $10=250MB (Pay less and get more)
- Unlimited U.S. Talk, Text and 3GB Data Bundle $30.(Get unlimited talk text with 3GB data for extra $5)
- Unlimited U.S. Talk and Text Bundle $15

HI @Oleginza 


Where you are going in US? Which state and city?  The reception is certainly different 


Also, do you know if   VoLTE is enabled on your profile?  Check before you go:

Check if your phone is compatible with PM's VoLTE (but please note some phones might not be on the compatible list but could still work on PM's VoLTE)


Then, make sure you enabled VoLTE on your device (should be in the Connection or Data page on your phone)


And when you make calls, see if the signal indicator shows LTE or drop back to H or 3G.  If it stays with LTE, then yes, you are there


Also, you can confirm by checking the IMS registration, see if it is "registered".  You can likely find it under About -> Status -> Sim card status on your phone


Also, people would find checking voicemail from your phone a lot quicker with VoLTE, it will basically connect instantly while it will take couple seconds on 3G (as you phone would take time switching from LTE network to 3G network)

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Good to know Roaming still works on 2G in Hawaii. But it's a far away from continental states. Wonder what's happening there.

Hi @BKNS27 but that user was not using VoLTE there

Mayor / Maire


Here is a comment from a member @Slothie that purchased US Roaming in Hawaii. 

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Public Mobile states on their VoLTE update that once you're updated phone calls will again work properly while roaming (with an applicable roaming add on). I haven't tried it myself yet, but I hope to soon.


Note that not everyone has been switched yet though. In my family about half of my family have been switched, half have not.

Mayor / Maire

Hi @Oleginza   


It should help 


But I am not sure if anyone actually confirmed that they are using VoLTE in US.