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US Roaming Question

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I am travelling to Houston from Toronto in 2nd week of October 2022.

I plan to buy US roaming add-on for data only. I will use data for google map and WhatsApp. I have iPhone 6S plus. My Phone is showing in Data options "LTE" and "3G" for voice & Data with LTE recommended.


Will this work after Public mobile warning of 3G shutdown by some US network companies from Feb 2022?

I have seen some post that shows (US roaming add-on) data worked on iPhone.

Can someone help me please.




Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

I'm skeptical as well--my understanding is that Telus has roaming agreements with AT&T and T-Mobile in the USA but not Verizon.  I would love to be wrong here but I strongly suspect if you tried to connect to Verizon you might be able to connect but you'd be in "emergency calls only" mode. EDIT: in other words, only able to dial 911.

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Mayor / Maire

@Iffkam   Oh wow...very interesting record of your conversation with CSA.  Hopefully, someone will be able to confirm soon if Verizon is viable or not for PM's roaming customers.


BTW, I would edit out the surnames for both yourself and the CSA in your conversational post.  You can edit by clicking the down arrow top right on the post and then select edit/delete.

Wow. Soooo...does it work? Did you connect to Verizon and everything worked? I think they're confused about the 3G and 4G concept but they're totally clear on the Verizon thing.

Thanks for the update.

Adding - You haven't gone yet. I would be very skeptical that this is correct. But we'll see. I have been asking other customers if they would be willing to try it. No responses yet.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

We can connect with our add-on (no any sim buying). Hope this helps. Following is full chat:

[12:22] Public Mobile
Thanks for contacting Public Mobile! 🙂 You're chatting with Monica, how may I assist you today?
[12:23] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Monica, Will my roaming add-on work in USA
[12:23] Public Mobile
thanks for the inquiry
[12:24] Public Mobile
do you currently have a 3G or 4G plan?
[12:24] xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Can I give youy account number with public mobile
[12:25] Public Mobile
Kindly note that through live chat we can only provide general information about the service, as we don't have access to existing accounts
[12:25] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Okay in my phone data plan it shows 3G and LTE
[12:26] Public Mobile
in an effort to repurpose spectrum to implement enhancements for new technologies and strengthen their networks, our US Roaming partners are turning off their HSPA/3G network by the end of 2022. If you have a 3G plan, you can still connect to Verizon!
[12:27] xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
how can I connect to Verizon
[12:27] Public Mobile
you will be able to connect the network manually through the device settings!
[12:29] xxxxxx
Never done this before, can you tell me what I do in setting to connect to Verizon
[12:29] Public Mobile
what device brand and model do you have?
[12:30] xxxx xxxxxxxx
I have Iphone 6s plus
[12:30] Public Mobile
Go to "settings" > select "cellular" > go to "network selection" > disable "automatic" > the device will display all the available networks, and you can select Verizon once you are in the US
[12:32] xxxxxxxxxxxx
Is Verizon good for data e.g. whatsapp with my us add-on
[12:32] Public Mobile
yes, it should work fine!
[12:32] xxxxxxxxxxxx
Thank you, can I save this chat
[12:33] Public Mobile
there may not be an option to save it, but you can copy/paste it on a notepad, or you can take a screenshot!
[12:35] xxxxxxxxxxxx
thank you, is verizon good for all usa states
[12:35] Public Mobile

yes, Verizon is a good network!
thank you and bye

@Iffkam- I wonder if there might be some confusion here. Or I'm not getting it. So an agent here suggested you buy a Verizon sim and activate an account with them? Or did they say that we can connect to them in the states with our roaming add-ons? If the latter then that's huge news. Would you be willing to share a screenshot or paste that message here of what they said?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi everyone,

Just for your information, I had a chat with a Public Mobile person (real, not virtual) and I was told that for 3G plan there is a solution. You can connect to  Verizon in USA and it will provide all the data services etc.

Then I visited Verizon website and yes Verizon is offering for 3G/4G plan till December 2022 in USA.

Good news for anyone with 3G /4G plan.

So new Public Mobile roaming add-on is worth buying and using instead of finding other solution 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thank you all, I will take will13am's response and hope it will still work for me.

@srlawren- I forgot to comment on that earlier when I saw it. That user has mentioned that on several occasions here over time. I'm not sure what their news source is, if any.

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité


@WoozyPolarBear wrote:

How are you going to the USA when international borders have been closed for years now with no sign of opening up anytime soon?

@WoozyPolarBear are you trying to be funny?  The land border has been reopened for months, and crossing by air was possible even before that.  

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Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

How are you going to the USA when international borders have been closed for years now with no sign of opening up anytime soon?

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


after purchase reboot phone.


@Iffkam , you will have no problems with data, it is voice on T-Mobile 2G that is iffy.  If you are lucky Public Mobile will surprise us with an announcement that VoLTE is available.  In any event, I bought data only back in July when I was in WA.  It worked fine.  I did use google voice to make free phone calls and text on mobile data/WiFi.  This is one option available to you when you are down in the US.  You just need to obtain a google voice number which is not hard to do.  

Mayor / Maire

Roaming is in some flux these days. Manually connect to T-Mobile to maximize your chances of service.

For curiosity, you could try AT&T but I'm doubtful they still work for us. Let us know one way or the other if you do.


Adding - one regular here had reported that AT&T did not work. So that's one report.