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US Data Roaming not working

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Bought the US data roaming add-on but not getting any data service. On T-Mobile 4G network, tried AT&T but failed to even register. Any advice for troubleshooting? have I wasted my money?


Mayor / Maire


You can contact customer support and ask for a credit of $15 that represents the data portion of your add on bundle. With your brand of phone I suspect that your APN and/or its compatibility would need to be looked at as to why you were unable to use your data. The ability to text (SMS) means you were connected to T-Mobile's 4G LTE network but the inability to use MMS leads to the MMS settings in your APN needing tweaking but unless you are roaming being able to troubleshoot to solve your issue is lost. Keep this in mind the next time you want to use US Roaming add ons. Perhaps you can ask customer support for a free 250mb US Roaming data add on to start your next trip to the US so that you can troubleshoot the data issue with them or the community to figure out what adjustments need to be made so that you can use US Roaming data?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks for the responses, I appreciate the assistance.

Phone is Xiaomi Poco F3, I was in downtown Detroit MI

I tried a few things:
Turning mobile data on and off
Turning roaming on and off
Turning airplane mode on and off
Rebooting phone many times

Manually choosing AT&T and T-mobile networks

Manually choosing different APNs

I was able to send/receive SMS, but MMS was not working.

I gave up at some point and was unable to search for more solutions as I had no network. I have since returned and am no longer in US and regular Canada service has resumed.

How can I request a refund for the add-on? Seems I wasted $30

Mayor / Maire


Where in tbe US are you? Make and model of your device?


Toggle airplane mode on/off.

Check your data limiter/data management tools.

Check your APN.

Check your network mode.

Can you send/recieve MMS?

When was your last renewal?


Here's more info on US Roaming.....

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

It did work for me last i was there on T-Mobile network. Make sure 'Roaming' is turned on inside settings

Mayor / Maire

@narwhaldisco AT&T likely no longer the official roaming partner anymore.  So, we are left with T-Mobile


You only have Roaming Data and not voice or text?


do you see T-Mobile conneted without problem?  Make sure your Roaming Mobile data is enabled on your phone

If not work, reboot your phone once more time

And try again in another area if possible


Mayor / Maire

So you turned on roaming data and then of course data itself? T-Mobile is the only choice. Data should work fine. Of course as with all providers, maybe you're in area that isn't a T-Mobile area.

Mayor / Maire

According to Public Mobile:

PM will have T-mobile 2G network for US talk. Try to manually connect to T-mobile.

Roaming is for Data only. Voice and SMS text will still work.

Data will work on LTE, but will switch over to 2G to make a call.

However, the quality of service will vary depending on the different coverage areas when roaming in the USA.


You can always ask for refund if add-on is not working.