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Trying to activate

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

So ive been trying to get my new sim activated but it keeps saying error. How to get the fixed?


Mayor / Maire

@amalirobe   What error are you getting?  can you post the exact error message?  Also, it might contain an error code, that can tell what kind of error is that


And is porting involved in the activation?  if so, what information of the old carrier did you try to put in?  If you have been putting in IMEI number, maybe try changing to Account number of your old carrier.


Also, before you try activating again, make sure you check your credit card that PM has not got the money out from your credit card yet


Mayor / Maire

@amalirobe - are you trying to active a new account? You cannot reuse a sim card that was used on a closed account before, fyi, in case this is what you are trying to do.

If you were not charged, try again through an incognito tab; or if still issues you may click this link to use the: Public Mobile Online Activation Assistance


Or, are you trying to activate (swap) a different sim card number with your existing sim number on your My Account. This could be the case if you lost/damaged your previous sim card/phone.


Mayor / Maire

@amalirobe Which error?  Were you charged?  If charged, see if the Public Mobile sim works and try making a call or sending a text.

Mayor / Maire


for  Activate Your SIM Card Online use browser from computer/clear cache/cookies/use one page inPrivate mode,or safari on private mode,or tried other browser.


How to Activate (


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