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Travelling to The Edge of The Province, Any Issues?

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Hi there,


I'm located in Calgary, AB and will be heading to Empress, AB for work. Empress is right on the eastern edge of AB, will I have any issues with my province wide plan?

Do I need to get any LD addons?




This is exactly the issue @WearySky had in his thread

It amazes me how incorrect answers keep being posted even after correct answer has been given


Nearly every single response in this thread is irrelavant / incorrect as a general issue is being parrotted that has NO EFFECT on the OP


Being close to a border with NO CELL TOWERS can never possibly get picked up by the wrong tower

OP needs not worry


Stop posting wrong info please

And worse bravo-ing wrong info


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If it turns out to be a problem near the provincial border, and if you have a data plan (PM data is Canada-wide), you could use that along with a data or wifi-based calling app such as Fongo to make and receive calls for free. Good for a cheap, temporary solution if you're not there for long.


The way Public Mobile handles province wide calling plans, there is a not of lost opportunity with attracting clients that live in border cities.  They should make some kind of dispensation to allow people living in these locales be able to receive calls for free when roaming slightly across the border.  Well actually, the right thing to do is stop charging long distance for any calls within the country.  The age of the internet is well established, long distance is not part of its vernacular. 

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@PoweredByPho I am surprised at some of the responses

I quite honestly would not lose any sleep over it based on 2 key facts


1- There is no city on the SK side of the border so odds of getting picked up on a random tower are virtually nill

2- With a bit of research (see link below) there are no Telus/Bell towers at all within hundreds of km of Empress AB so you have virtually no chance to get out of province roaming


Heck the closest SK tower is Rogers up in Flaxcombe SK a good 100+ kms away


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They should make towers in border areas considered part of both provinces that way people won't have such issues anymore.

@PoweredByPho I agree with ShawnC13 on this issue.

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@PoweredByPho, if you find out you do connect to a tower out side of your Province and it wants to charge you LD I would contact PM as I do not think you should be required to purchase LD if you are still calling within your Province and have Provincial Wide calling


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As mentioned above e the only issue that might happen is the calling option. If you connect to a tower on the other side of the "border" and PM will think that u went outside the province and if you have provincial calls it might become a bit of an issue
Again as mentioned an 8 dollars add on will fix that for you

It's hit and miss I would suggest get a 8 dollar ld add on 200 mins if incase issues arise then, you have a backup in advanced
Also long distance add-on mins doesn't expire so I its not a bad investment.
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@PoweredByPho, the only issue I could see arise is if you make a call and you "roam"/connect  to a tower across the border. 


I am happy to help, but I am not a Customer Support Agent please do not include any personal info in a message to me. Click HERE to create a trouble ticket through SIMon the Chatbot *