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Travel with Public

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Looking to travel to Central America, just wondering how Public Mobile is out of Canada? 


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public mobile offer only to U.S. Roaming,


you can purchase prepaid sim card data central america:,


North & Central America SIM cards,


or no need to purchase a SIM card, any tourist resorts has a Wi-Fi Free,

and use a app Textme or Talkatone, and you will getting new canadian number for Free from that app,

• Unlimited Call \ SMS \ MMS a Free USA/Canada.


Here link for app Talkatone.


Here link for app Text Me.


enjoy your trip..


important to you know about  Reactivate a suspended plan (

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@softech wrote:

US roaming does not work in Central America


Local Sim is the only choice

EDITED. thanks for pointing it out.

@pkaraa wrote:

It depends on for how many days you are planning to go to central america. If more than 10 days then local SIM is recommended else for 10 days and less the 10 day US roaming add-on is good. Buy on the day you are going and if it gets topped up account then purchased and confirmed in 'my account' then just look for the network of AT&T (preferred) and you are good. 


Keep this thread in the bookmarks until you come back. Keep posting your experience and any hiccups you may encounter.

US roaming does not work in Central America


Local Sim is the only choice

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EDIT:  local SIM is recommended for central america. I misread the question earlier.


Keep this thread in the bookmarks until you come back. Keep posting your experience and any hiccups you may encounter.


It doesn't but with a local or global sim card you have a lot more options for your pm service.


Edit: Central American SIM card guide...



Options for your account and service....


  1. You can turn off autopay and allow the account to suspend at the of your current 30 day cycle but this is your least advantageous option. Pay and reactivate by day 85 or so.
  2. If you have an account balance that exceeds your plan amount then you need to suspend via the lost/stolen feature in your account before midnight eastern on the evening of your renewal. Then on day 85 or so resume your service to pay and reactivate.
  3. Suspending via lost/stolen before midnight eastern will keep your voicemail active allowing you retrieve voicemail and any verification sent by phone calls. However your rewards will not be applied to your account. Moderator contact after paying and reactivating is necessary to have the rewards applied manually.
  4. Voicemail can be accessed by calling your pm number from a different phone by calling your phone # and pressing * once connected and entering your 4 digit voicemail pin #.
  5. If you don't have an account balance or enough balance to cover your plan amount you can suspend via lost/stolen after midnight but before 2 am eastern on the day of your renewal. Once your rewards have been applied (usually by 12:15 am et) then suspend your account. Voicemail access will be lost.
  6. Switching to the $15 plan with rewards helping to cover a partial or full amount of your plan allows you to call forward your pm number to your fongo number. Be sure to perform all call forwarding while in Canada. Now any incoming calling to your pm number will ring thru to your fongo number while on wifi or mobile data (w/a local or global sim card) You can access your fongo voicemail for all voicemail messages.

Most important mark on your calendar day 85 of your suspension and day 90. Do not forget when you must unsuspend your account via lost/stolen and/or pay and reactivate your service so you don't lose your phone number and account. Happy travels!




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PM only offers roaming in the US.  You would need to either purchase a local sim or use Wi-Fi apps like Textnow, Skype or Signal.

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Public Mobile's service will ONLY work in Canada and the USA (with a USA Roaming Add-on)


It will not work in any other country.


You could elect to purchase a local pre-paid SIM card (30-day plan) for the country you are visiting and use it in your device while there.


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