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Transfing number to public on activation

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I am trying to port in my number to public mobile but seem to be having some issues with this. It's been over the 5hr wait time I was expecting for mobile numbers, maybe I just need to wait longer but I'm not sure? Kinda of need access to my phone sooner than later though.

Here's some details of my situation. I had my number ported to an online port service (I'm not sure if that affects this in some way?), that is linked to my address. To transfer my number in the public mobile, the app needs the address for the last account. When I type it in, the app only allows me to choose from a selection of addresses but my address doesn't come up. I chose the most nearby address, but now I'm worried that this might mess things up. Been pretty frustrated trying to use the app, very slow, and not my favourite. I have not recieved a message through my previous provide about instructions for a transfer or anything.

I have my previous account active still, and have all the other details from that, it that might help. Just wondering if anyone might have some more insight that might help me out. 


@chaosb   Have you tried the Public Mobile sim in your phone and rebooted?  If your old provider account is still functioning then that's a sign that the port hasn't gone through.  I'll private  message you a number to call to check on the status of the port, look in your inbox (envelope top right or tap your avatar for Messages).

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I selected transfering my number Ron activation. I ever received a message for authorization for releasing the number. There's some information for porting out, but does not have any specific instructions required

Mayor / Maire

@chaosb   If you're not transferring from a cellular provider a transfer may take longer.  When you were setting up your Public Mobile account you selected transfer phone number?   You did not receive a port authorization text asking your permission to release the number to Public Mobile?   Dos the online port service have specific requirements for porting out?

Mayor / Maire


If you recent ported your number from another carrier. The critical step is to reply to the text with the old SIM in your phone with YES. There is a 90 minute window for you to reply or porting will be stalled on the PM app.

If you are porting another number over to the existing can't because you can only have 1 account (number)/1 email address.

The account is based on your postal code.

Best to contact an agent to confirm by clicking on the Chat icon and type in Submit a Ticket. Staff hours are 9:00am to 10:00pm EST so keep your eyes on the reply from an agent on your avatar top right under Messages.

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