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Transferring of cell phone

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen



Need help with a problem transferring my phone number to Public Mobile.

I am currently with Fido and decided to switch over to PM. I go on the website and sign up for a plan and esim.

I choose to port my number and enter it in. I also provide my IMEI (esim) number as requested. (I also have a regular sim number, but did not provide this number). It states it could take up to 5 hrs to complete the port.

I download the PM app and set up an account and it tells me to restart my phone, etc…

Installed the esim successfully on my phone

I receive a text message from Fido that they received a request to transfer my number to another provider and to reply YES to approve, which I did, but no reply back despite multiple attempts.

I then get a message from PM indicating that there was a problem transferring my phone as I provided an incorrect ESN/MEID and someone on their end with be in contact with me shortly on my original phone or the alternate number I provided. Again, no  follow up with me.

So now I have a sim card and esim on my phone both active, under the same phone number. If I choose fido (sim) as my primary then my LTE connection speeds are normal. If I choose PM (esim) as my primary, then it seems like my connection speeds are cut in half. Also I want to mention that I can’t seem to connect to 5G when on PM (as primary)…my phone only connects to LTE, but like I said speeds are very slow. Also I deleted my esim thinking that would help, but ended up having to buy another esim from PM.

I am not sure how to proceed as I am on hold for a substantial amount of time with he porting team on Fido’s end and can’t get through to anyone and when I try to submit a ticket to PM, it errors out every time.

I am not sure what to do now other than cancel my PM subscription, but I don’t even know how to do that. Any advice/guidance would be appreciated. Happy to answer any questions also.

Thank you,



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


Hi, I had the exact same problem before. I am with Virgin Mobile, and even though I chose my number with a lot of trouble and got the plan and informed Virgin, my line was not canceled in Virgin. I canceled the PM because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to have my own line (while it never showed public on my phone).
I suggest that if your number is important to you, never cancel the previous line until you are connected (I had the same problem a few years ago and my number was given up within a day).

I think this is a big problem, and even though I would like to port to PM, I don't know how to complete the process smoothly. So please, if anyone has guidance in this field and can explain all the steps, I would be grateful if he could guide me as well.

Thank you 

Mayor / Maire

@BGK  No worries I’ll send you porting team number private message and get it fixed 

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