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Transfering my PM subscription to Freedom

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

transfering my subscription from PM to Freedom Mobile want to transfer my old phone number to new carrier (freedom mobile) but i did not receive SMS confirmation 


Have you been in contact with PM or are you referring to the fact that you cannot receive sms?

Contact here

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I'm having the same problem. PM won't send the code. I've been at this since last night without any success.

Mayor / Maire

Your public mobile account must be active to port. There are errors currently sending and receiving sms.

What you can probably do is message PM and ask them to manually approve the port. When/If they will do that you have 90 minutes to contact Freedom mobile, to tell them to try it again. It's tricky, however, because public mobile has a delay right now replying to messages.  Normally 1-2 hours, but could be days now.  You can send them the message in the morning and hope they will reply quickly and you call back freedom.

Use the support section of the app to submit a ticket  or this link.

No refund from PM though so hopefully your renewal will be within the next few days.

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