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Terminate Service

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
My 87 year old mother-in-law has an account with Public Mobile.
She stopped using the number in October 2021.
She has lost the login and password and email.
She keeps getting billed on her credit card.
How can she stop the billing and terminate the account?



Mayor / Maire

Top of this page click Get Help / Chat with Simon to start process of CSA assistance. Watch the little envelope icon on top right side of page will be highlighted when they respond.

Alternative method...

edit...ask around in the family...maybe someone would like to take over that account with the old Rewards program.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

If all else fails, talk to the credit card company, they can stop reoccurring bill payments. You are required to contact the company so go through the Get Help/ Chat with Simon to start the process of CSA Assistance. 

Mayor / Maire



The usual process is that you need to "cancel" the service by removing the Autopay 


 Another easier way to "cancel" the service is to contact the credit card company and request a charge back.   Once credit card processed the charge back, PM will stop the service immediately and suspend the account.  This is the quickest way, and easiest, in this case.


Mayor / Maire

If you cannot persuade agent to give you access to her account only way is to talk to your bank to stop payment on PM bills. On next renewal her account will be suspended due to no payment and cancelled after 90 days.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

A little more hands-on than brute-force chargeback would be to dial 1-855-4pu-blic and get the renewal date. Then if you can access her credit card online then they may have a pause or hold function to temporarily halt the card. The evening before the date above, pause the card. Unpause it the next day. This will stop the transaction from happening and put the account into suspension. Then after 90 days it will full deactivate. Pausing may affect coincidental other charges on that night though.

Mayor / Maire

Does she only have one or 2 email accounts? If so you could search Public Mobile and you may be able to find some info and confirm what email was used and you could sign on her behalf and if she doesn't remember her password, there is a forget password option and she maybe able to retrieve it with a security question

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

If lady forgot email and pass no chance she knows security question.