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Technical website errors yesterday while attempting to activate a new SIM

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Good Morning,
I wanted to ask for assistance.
Yesterday because of the Cyber Monday offers I attempted to register a new SIM and port my number to Public Mobile from Rogers.
The website and chat showed error messages (unavailable / try later) etc.

I'd still like to take advantage of the deal I saw (15Gb of 4G LTE data /month for $40 + unlimited Canadian calling + unlimited texts + voicemail & caller ID)

How can I proceed to make sure that I am able to port my number successfully and take advantage of the offer?

Thank you.


Mayor / Maire

15GB plan is still showing when you go and try to change plan.

Public Mobile has web page cache issue so you might be looking at obsolete status. Try using different browser. Try Incognito mode. Clear browser’s cache. Try forced refresh. Use computer and not phone to log in.

Mayor / Maire

@traceymckone hi try using a differrent browser in private or incognito mode and try to activate again 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

As long as the plan is showing available, you should be able to select it. Porting takes a bit of time sometimes. Make sure you leave your old SIM in until you get the Port confirmation text and accept it in the way it states in the text. The site can be glitchy at times, try another browser or in private/incognito and try again.