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Spotty coverage for phone calls

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

My husband I just switched to PM but noticed that the Telus tower coverage in my quadrant for the city is not great. I only have one bar of cell service. Calls are very spotty. Is there a workaround to this issue?  If not, this plan may not be right for us 




The introduction of VoLTE should help in your situation. 

If you activated after Feb 22, 2023, you should have VoLTE service.  

Here is some more information:


Mayor / Maire

@Klus   curious are you both new to PM or you two have been with PM for long time and just having this problem?


If it was good before and just having the problem, it could be that there is a local network issue.  Do you find it better when you go to another area of the town?


Also, try this 2 things on both your phones

1. Change your Network mode to 3G and see if it works better

2. If that does not help, change it back to 4G (or LTE or Automatic), then enable VoLTE on your phone and see if it works better 


(if you are unsure how to enable VoLTE on your phone, let us know your phone model and we will try to help)