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Sim card location for number porting

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am in the process of moving over to Public (Hi!) but before I proceed any further, I have a question regarding transferring (porting) my phone number to PM.  The Help topic is not specifically clear on this matter. 


I have an old device with a Bell sim card in it.  The Bell phone number and Bell account remain active.

I have a new device with a PM sim card in it.  It has a PM phone number and my PM account is active.

It is the Bell phone number that I want to port to my PM sim/phone. 


So, does the Bell sim card need to be in the PM phone for the PM porting request to be successful?  The Help topic about this mainly focuses on porting a number during activation.  It says not to insert the PM sim card until the phone has received the SMS message from the other provider (Bell in this case).   But, would that apply in this?  The SMS message will go to the Bell phone, no?  Or does the Bell sim card, in fact, need to be in the PM phone when the number port request is made?  I will not kill the Bell account until I am certain the number port is successful.


Thanks for your help. 




You are collect.  You can Put your Bell SIM card in any phone which can receive Bell SMS message so that you can reply YES to confirm that you did requested PM to port your Bell number to PM.


Welcome to PM and the saving going with it.

Since PM does not have call support, this community forum is the place to ask question.  If you issue requires access to your account, you need to create a support ticket to get the help of a CS Agent which is PM employee.

@Mark3958   Any phone will do as long as you can receive the transfer text on it from Bell.  There's a 90 minute window in which to respond with a YES.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you.  Sorry, perhaps my rambling question wasn't quite specific enough.  Can the Bell sim be in ANY phone (any active phone that will receive the SMS message from Bell) or does it specifically need to be in the PM phone (that I want to transfer my old number to)? 


Mayor / Maire

@Mark3958 yes, you need your Bell sim card in a phone to receive text from Bell amd approve the porting request.   Once replied YES, you can them put the PM sim card in the phone