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Service changes made last Spring that affects Public mobile customers - not told the truth about

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Can someone from Public Mobile/ Telus come clean and tell us about changes that were made since Winter/ Spring 2022 on the Public Mobile service and the banding or band downgrading of the service provided to Public Mobile customers service on 3g.

Before this past winter/spring I never ever had any problem with the service, since that time I have had spotty service, where there times where I never heard the person / or they didn't hear me for up to 1/2 a minute sometimes.

Now I can tell wheren its spotty and I cant hear them or they cant hear me.

I now have people telling me that I'm breaking up and they cant hear me.


Also Sometimes when the data or wifi are turned off, I dont think I'm getting basic text messages.


When I reported this in the summer, I agreed in another post that it could be my phone that had a crack on the scree.

I'm now on a iphone and its worst. So we cant blame the phone or say its because its a Chinese branded phone, that not configured right for North america. I'm not in a rural area, but in Toronto.

The service reminds me of Wind Mobile (now Freedom) from 2014 where this kind of service was the regular when you were in a building.




I've had some discussions with Public Mobile and gave my opinion that the HSPA network was essentially falling apart.  While voice service usually works okay for me, I've even used the "term" unsable to describe the data services on HSPA.   This will only get worse as more and more spectrum is repurposed for other network technologies.


@Bubba   did you try to put your PM sim card in another phone to confirm it is not a device problem?


And try to get a sim card from your friend/family and put it in your phone, that can also see if it is a problem with your device


Also, did you experience the same thing at different area of the city or just one particular spot?



Mayor / Maire


what types of troubleshooting steps have you taken?


  • remove the sim restart the device and reinstall the sim
  • reset the network settings
  • contact customer support to reset the account 


    *customer support doesn't always respond promptly. please be patient and check your inbox every few hours to see if there is a response

    CSA are available from
    - Monday to Friday: 6AM- 10PM EST
    - Saturday and Sunday: 6AM- 10PM EST  

Mayor / Maire

When you make a call, try selecting 3G instead of LTE or 4G.

See if that makes any improvement...and let us know of course !

Good luck.

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