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SIM card not working x3

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

This was my final message to public mobility. Super frustrated.
Just to be clear….

since purchase all three of your SIM cards did not work. You agree that two did not work yet don’t refund poor product . This is a pic with the “working” SIM card. Still doesn’t work. Bottom line… all three cards didn’t work. This is at least a 20$ scam. 
2 months of paying for a plan with 0 coverage. $80 scam
The certified phone needs repair within 1 week of use. I follow your instructions to go to store then I follow their instructions. But you won’t refund. $187 possible scam. 
I have been trying to work patiently with you for 5 weeks. Zero solution. This is my sons first ever phone. Lemon. Poor service. Regrettably, I will be warning everyone I know to avoid your company. 
Please cancel the account and stop all payments on this account. 




Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

You are posting this to a public board. We are all customers here.We can’t cancel your account. If you’ve been trying for 5 weeks you should know that posting complaints here (to customers) won’t help your situation.
Public Mobile is a legitimate company and most of us have had no issues whatsoever. 

Mayor / Maire

@Tomac , Just so you know, this is a public / open online forum that you’re posting on that’s made for customers to post on to get responses back for advice & help from other Public Mobile Customers. We didn’t do this to you. We help when we’re able to but we don’t work for Public Mobile so we can’t fix things for you. I’m Sorry.


A Public Mobile CSA’s can get your Son’s services working on their end or you can ask them to remove your payment card from your Son’s account which will cancel your Son’s account after 90 days of non payment. Please submit a support ticket & ask for a Senior CSA at this point to get someone higher up with more experience to deal with all of these issues. While you’re at it explain in great detail to that Senior CSA what you have been going through for the past 5 weeks!

While you’re waiting on a response back from then Senior CSA please sign into your Son’s “My Account” & turn off autopay to avoid more funds from being taken again to renew the plan. When signing on use your browser in private / incognito mode to make sure the website loads correctly to sign in.


I’m sorry you’re dealing with all this & not receiving the help you want & need. I know it must be very frustrating! 5 weeks is a long time to be going through all that! I feel bad for your Son, he must be very disappointed with this whole experience! 😕


Edited for more information.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

That sounds bad, but there is no choice in Canada. Public Mobile is probably one of the least horrible options. Some of the bad service is intentional, as they want to drive you to Telus Mobility, but if you jump through their hoops and let yourself be abused by them, then they will actually give you a better deal. That is the compromise that the CRTC has given us. If you want real change, maybe visit and search for "Stop the Canadian Cell Phone Monopoly."


@Tomac first, to cancel the service, you have to do it yourself.  Just login to My Account and disable Pre-authorized payments from Payment page, Manage payment 


But,  have you open a ticket with support and find out why the sim didn't work?? There is no scam with this service but it is usually just an incompatible phone you have.  May I know what brand and model is your phone?

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