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Roaming Activation in the US

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I just want to verify something.  So I am heading down to the US tomorrow and have just bought the 15 day roaming package.  So once I have crossed the border, I just need to turn on roaming and that will activate the plan is that correct?  As I am leaving tomorrow, the 15 day count only starts from tomorrow, yes?  Please confirm. 

If there's anything else that I need to do for activation please advise.  Thank you.


@stevenymlee no, the counter always starts from the moment the purchase is completed, cannot be schedule


@stevenymlee  No , just always starts once’s purchased , next time just buy the morning you leave 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks for your responses.  Question.  For this trip, it does not matter much as it's less than 15 days anyways.  In the future, is it possible to make the add-on purchase ahead of time and defer activation (15 day counting ) till a later time.

Mayor / Maire

@stevenymlee you can turn roaming on your phone at any time. There will never be any additional charges to have it on here at Public Mobile, this is unlike some other providers that may cause unexpected charges.

Once you get in the USA, you will like receive a welcome to usa message or something like that. If you restart your phone or perform a reset of the device's network settings, this can help you get connected to the proper network.

Your Roaming addon last 360 hours (15 days) from the time you purchased it today.


@stevenymlee 15 days counter starts from the moment the addon purchase completed.  If you buy now, it starts now

 Technically, it is easy. Turn on Mobile data roaming, turn on VoLTE (if you need voice) and leave your mobile network connection to Automatic and it should connect. 

In case it does not connect, change the network to Manual and select T-Mobile and it should worj

Mayor / Maire

@stevenymlee  Make sure you have data roaming on and your connected to T mobile and enable volTE on your phone if the option is there and reboot your phone 

the US roaming starts the moment you purchase it 


add and enjoy your trip 🙂

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