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Request for refund of US 1 Gig ordered July 17, 2022

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I ordered a US 1 Gig July 17, 2022 but I see that there is 0% use. I no longer need this for US travel and I would like to please ask for a refund or can this be converted to a Can 1 Gig add on?


Thank you


@djjjlawson  why was there 0 use? Were you planning on using it but ended up not needing to use it? Or did you have issues when trying to use data?

Mayor / Maire

Usually add-ons are non-refundable. You can always inquire with the agent and you might get refund.

If they are not willing to do try to at least get money back  on your PM account (not on CC) so you can use it for next renewal.

Mayor / Maire

You bought the add-on but didn't use it ?  I doubt you'll get any refund as it was available during your time in US.

Mayor / Maire

@djjjlawson hi normaly there are no refunds but 

you can contact a cs agent  

1.  you can open a ticket through Simon here


2. alternatively you can private message them here

check your community envelope for a reply