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I changed my mind about subscribing to Public Mobile on March 7, 2023 I am still awaiting refund.


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I think you mean pm uses the Telus/Bell network. 😀

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Sorry no refunds for changing your mind.  

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you won't get a refund because you changed your mind.

My suggestion is to keep the account going for the 30 days and test drive Public Mobile. Not sure why you changed your mind, but I think you'll find PM to be a very reliable cell uses Telus / Rogers Bell backbone, so PM is as good as any of the other networks. The big diff is in customer support. There's no traditional phone - in customer support. Instead this Community Forum is your first line if you have issues. We can help solve those issues or direct you to proper channel to fix it.

Why not give it a try for the 30've already invested in it.




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@perogy7510   PM is prepaid provider, there is no refund.


You paid for the service for 30 days.  So, when you joined in Mar 7, you paid the service till April 6


To close the account,  you can either port out your number to another provider and your account will be closed upon successful port out of the number


Or you disable Pre-Authorized payments instead.  Once it is disabled, PM will not be able to renew your account on your next renewal , your account will then be suspended on that day and 90 more days, it will be closed


To disable Pre-authorized payment, you can use *611 if you know the 4 digits PIN


Or you can also login to My Account and go to Payment page -> Manage Payment Method, and then disable Pre-Authorized



**if you are not porting out, you must disable Pre-authorized payment or PM will keep charging you


@perogy7510 wrote:

I changed my mind about subscribing to Public Mobile on March 7, 2023 I am still awaiting refund.

Sorry, but there aren't any refunds offered to customer who change mind about subscribing.  You can stop paying and the account will automatically close after 90 days of suspension.