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Refund due to number porting issue

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I was wondering if it was possible to get a refund due to needing an active number to complete my number port out. I had everything scheduled for the 27th (plan ended on the 27th so everything would have lined up nicely) but due to a complication I had to get a plan again today (the 28th) to complete the port. 
Now that said port is complete (literally took 20 minutes) is it possible to be refunded?


Mayor / Maire


I doubt if you can get any refund as PM is a prepaid service and they will not responsible for any complications in the porting process since it is out of their control.

But doesn't hurt to try. Contact a CS_Agent and ask nicely and explain your porting issue.

Mayor / Maire

Hi @urevcorden 


sorry, PM is prepaid and won't refund for port out situation like that


but if you are porting to Koodo or Telus, check with them and they might be able to do something with your new account there 



but saying that, nothing wrong with trying.  message PM agent and try.  dont hold your hope high