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Re: connection issue

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Recently my phone voice become very unclear after connected with the other people. I am not sure what happened to me. I have two persons in the same place using public mobile service and both had the same issues. I hope i can get an answer from the phone service provider.


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@huinongyao hi try switching to 3g in your settings 

Mayor / Maire

@huinongyao  - if this is happening to more than one public mobile account in the same household/area, then perhaps this is network related. Maybe upgrades or issues with towers near you.

Any outages reported in your area? 


Some network troubleshooting to try would be:

  • reboot your phone
  • toggle into/out of airplane mode
  • reset network settings of device
  • try your sim into another phone to see if services are the same.

If continued issues, you could inquire with CSA to investigate further.

Two ways to contact CSA:

1- Put in a ticket through SIMon Bot (usually faster method to get in contact with the Public Mobile Customer Support agents=CSA) by clicking here:

2- Private message CSA here (slower method) by clicking here:


@MrSpock wrote:

@huinongyao hi try switching to 3g in your settings 

There isn't any way for this to help with an autido quality issue during a phone call.  As all phone calls at Public Mobile are already going through the "3g" network, changing this setting wouldn't address the issue.