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Re: SIM Swap Fraud

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Porting Out from Phonebox


After seeing a question about porting out from Phonebox I thought it would be a good idea to have a handy reference in the community. The unusual aspect about Phonebox is the porting request must be made initially with them.....essentially pre-authorization of the port request. Phonebox then contacts the customer within 2 business days with the account # that they can provide the new provider (in this case public mobile) who can then contact Phonebox to make the porting request. The porting in of the Phonebox # can take up to 3 to 5 days to complete.


Follow these basic steps to port your phone # in from Phonebox :


  1. Contact Phonebox (see spoiler below)and request your account # to port out. They will provide it to you within 2 business days. Ensure your services are paid in full and you have waited out any promotional time limits.
  2. When you activate your public mobile sim card choose a temporary phone number and ensure all of your services (texts, voice calling and data) are working. You do not need your Phonebox account # to activate if you need to activate before a public mobile promotion expires.
  3. Once you have activated your pm sim card successfully and you have the Phonebox account # contact customer support to contact Phonebox to make the port request. (You can likely call the telus porting department as well with the account # but that is YMMV until confirmed it can be done....but it cannot be done if your port failed upon activation.
  4. Porting can take up to 3 to 5 days to complete. If possible have the port request initiated during regular business hours Monday to Friday.
  5. To contact pm customer support click on the link(s) at the bottom of this post.


For more info regarding porting from Phonebox and their contact info please read the spoiler below...



Before you proceed with the port-out request, please check:

  • If you have outstanding balance on your account, you must make a payment before you request the port-out
  • If you have used data overage, you have to pay for it
  • If you are still on our device contract, you have to pay for the rest of the device fee
  • If you used one month plan discount, you should stay with us over four months (including the free month)
  • A new carrier has not worked on transfer the customer’s phone number from us

To request a port-out to a new provider, you will need your account number. In this case, please, contact us first through email, phone call, live chat, SMS before trying to transfer your phone number with the new carrier on your end. 

Once we receive your port-out request, we will prepare your account number. PhoneBox will provide you with it for up to two business days. After you receive your account number, please go to the new carrier and transfer your phone number.

*If Rogers network plan customers want to port in to Rogers, they require an Interaction ID instead of an account number.

Case example 

The customer wants to port out to a new mobile phone provider, but she doesn’t know how she can do it.


Solution: The customer should contact us through email, phone call, live chat, SMS for the request of port out. We will send an account number in two business days by email.

Do you still need help? 

Are you looking for different information about PhoneBox? You can visit the support section and read the frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you haven’t found the information you need, please contact our customer care via or toll-free: 1-855-886-0505. can move this post if need be....I needed to add a tag. @J_PM  What is the big deal about tags as I see they have beeh eliminated entirely from both sides of tbe community. One bad apple spoils it for the rest of the bunch or bushel!



To contact customer support : Submit a support ticket via SIMon the chat bot Click here 

Or if you cannot submit a ticket via SIMon then Click here   ....for additional member supplied info.