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Re: @CS_Agent outgoing call display not showing name

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I forgot the email address, can you please provide me with the email address associated with the number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Mayor / Maire

PM does not provide call display name. Name will appear or your phone if caller is in your address book.

Same rule applies if you call somebody - if you are in their address book they will see your name.

Mayor / Maire

@jenniferduthie- I triggered it for you. Check all your inboxes.

Mayor / Maire

@jenniferduthie- Look in all your emails for the welcome email from here when you signed up or other marketing and promotions emails. That email address is the login email address. There is also a find email address from your number. It will send an email to the address that has that number. Look for the email and that's the email address.

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