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Re $40 plan CANADA /US

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi, im really confused by something. The $40 plan says it includes talk text data in Canada and the US.  Why are people having to buy $20 of data in the US  for 10 days if its suppisedly included ?   Ive tried submitting a ticket to ask this, but after 1 hour of endless circles i give up. i hoped the community had an answer .  Thx for the help


Mayor / Maire

@PALPAL  People roaming in the US need a Canada-US plan like you have but if they have a Canada only plan they'd need to buy a roaming add on.  When crossing the border there is an automatic text suggesting an add on but it can be ignored if you have a Canada US plan, it's not needed, perhaps that's why you are asking?

Mayor / Maire


for customers travelling to US who don't have one of the PM Cdn/US plans...we need the 15 Day US Roaming data add-on for use while in US.

As you have the $40 Cdn / US plan you have the advantage of having talk/text/data included that you can use in either Canada or US. need for the data add-on.


added...if you're having trouble using data whilst in US, make sure you have Roaming Data enabled in cellphone settings. Also, set cellphone to select 4G...not 5G.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

No need for an add on, the Canada-US roaming plan allows you to use data/voice/text service when you are US just like you are home. You just need to enable mobile roaming data and connect to either T-Mobile or AT&T to use the service.


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