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Putting an account on hold

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Morning everyone


My wife is currently in Vancouver after traveling from Quesnel. During the trip her phone was lost but thanks to a good Samaritan it and the contents of her wallet were found. The phone was badly crushed and when she took it apart the SIM card was missing. How do I put her service on hold for her while she's away as her computer is here in Quesnel
Any help would be appreciated


Mayor / Maire

Log in to her account and:

1. Remove autopay - on next renewal her account will be suspended due to no pay. After 90 days of no pay account will be closed - number lost. Log in around 85th day, pay the bill and be merry.

2. Declare phone lost or stolen - account will be immediately suspended. 90 days rule will apply.

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