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Public mobiles so called 4 g

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long time member.. .. so don’t need to be told to do this do that.. terrible  data service as of late.. 3 g worked better.. not sure what’s up.. it’s not my settings or my choice of phone… stating my experience.. 


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@Yummy  Blame Covid.. blame war..?have another drink.. that is the all time worst reply I’ve ever should  barred from this site for even adding that to your stupid after the fact answers .. 

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Very difficult to say what causes your issues.

Blame covid, war, government, mobile network, pick something else...

I personally do not experience any issues but then my way of using PM services most likely are very different than yours.

Data works for me all the time when I want it, calls/sms really never had any issues. Sometimes SMS are delayed (5-10 min) and it becomes annoying when you are at the grocery store and asking your better half 'should I buy this or that'. But it is not too often.

If I was you, I would not consider changing provider as you have loyalty and autopay rewards (most likely) plus Community $. Just have to get used to whatever service PM provides.

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for me download speed is good I'm happy with that. I'm still receiving random slow downs or stalls whenever I'm on LTE(not LTE+ advance). whenever my device is connected to regular LTE I know I've been kicked off of the nearest tower and rerouted to a further one. where are you located? the only option would be to get customer support to reset the network on their end and see if that changes anything.


there are too many variables at play.

do you live in a house, apartment? 

are there lots of trees around?

do you have big high rises around you?

what's the weather like?

do you notice this happens often?


if you're willing, you can buy a cellphone booster amazon to try out. that should definitely help the data connection. 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Well, 1. It could be because the network is having troubles recently. 2. could be the reception being interfered with. 3. Could be because Telus is prioritizing people who pay more money on Telus teir 1 being it.