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Public Mobile main site message "Our distribution network has changed"

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Everything with my account is fine. Upon going to the main site for this company I see the above message and am wondering if I "need" to get a new SIM card, let alone change my plan or if it will automatically do that to 4G (upgrade)? I'm decently computer literate and tech savvy, but that notice/announcement doesn't really explain much at all. Can someone please clarify if I need to take any actions?




Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I agree @softech, the home page message seems to imply existing users need to do something. Then when you click 'get started' it just takes you to the generic new customer page with no explanation about what the new distribution network is etc. If PM puts a link to a news release first then the confusion would be eliminated.



Nothing to be worried about.  Public mobile has stopped in store activations.  Only online.  Sim cards can be purchased online or at select Telus/Koodo stores. Other vendors like Walmart, Mobile shop and London drugs do not sell SIM card or do activations anymore. 

Mayor / Maire

@tmeminem   No worry.  If your service is working, then you have nothing to worry


The message is more for people who want to activate new service with PM . 


Before, people can go for in-store activation or self-serve online activation.  Also , they can buy SIM card from many different places


Now, the "distribution network" changed to fully online.  So, activation has be done online and no in-store activation anymore.  For SIM card, it is down to only Telus or Koodo will sell the sim card  or Amazon or PM own site


Again, for existing subscribers, this won't affect them.  You don't need to get new sim card or anything.  Everything is the same for you