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Public Mobile Site is buggy to register new user and waited 50 mins twice now!

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

1. Tried to register with iPad Safari. After selecting a phone number and going to next screen, it just hung with a blank screen.

2. After another session is in use. wait 50 mins used Edge

3. Waited 50+ mins

4. Using Edge registered and selected plan - went to next screen got error 404 directory cannot be found.

5. Tried again using Edge registered and entered payment - went to next screen got error 404 directory cannot be found

6. Tried again using Edge - now another session in use - wait 50 mins


I understand the site has always been slow but seriously this site is so buggy and wasting 50 mins each time a session gets 'locked'


@zblackma it works.. it's called the windows 95 hack. back in the day, I used to do it to speed up the overall system. now I just use it when website are taking a while to load and it helps.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@gpixel  moving the mouse curser 😂 Looks like the new school version of pressing the elevator call button 🤔 nit a bad idea. Keeps the screensaver etc. from interrupting the setup. 

Mayor / Maire

@PMSiteIsBuggy  I activated two accounts yesterday this is how I did it.


when activating use your browser in private mode(I didn't even do this)


if porting, only use the account number(make sure this is the correct number. there shouldn't be any letters, just numbers) and pin(voicemail password) from the previous provider


anytime you're proceeding to the next page and its loading keep moving your mouse curser so the system doesn't hang. do this till the next page loads.


when registering your credit card use all capital letters

Mayor / Maire

I'd also recommend trying it in Google Chrome incognito mode if you were not charged after the wait period.

Mayor / Maire

Did you pass the payment section?      If yes check if your card was charged.     If it was charged put your sim card in your phone it will likely work.     If it does work and you were charged go to link below to create your self serve account.     If you were not charged. System locks sim for 50 minutes. Wait one hour, clear internet cookie/history cache open a fresh browser in incongnito mode and try again.     Don't forget a referral code for a $10 sign up bonus. If you used one and were charged and service works the credit will be applied within 72 hours.     Welcome to Public Mobile 🙂

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