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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi, my phone number is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and my email is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

this is my second time I tried to take advantage and upgrade my plan. First I was offered $25 for 20gig data I couldn’t do it. Now you have for $34 for 30 gig on 5 g network. I can’t upgrade to this plan either. What is going on with Public Mobile. Please upgrade my plan or have to go to another company. Please reply and help. Thank you 


Mayor / Maire

@Dino4   There is a $34 for 50GB at 5G speed available to existing customers, it is a 90 day plan though so you would have to pay $102 up front to get 150GB to last the 90 days.  I know a 90 day plan is not for everyone but it would get you more data for the same amount as the other plan in the end. 

Mayor / Maire

Please note this is a public forum so everyone can see your information.  You can go back and edit out the info that you don't want others to see. 

Click on the circle with the downward arrow and edit and repost. 

Promotions are for existing clients only. If you are not new, that's why you are not getting the offers.

But you can click on the link below to send your request directly to public mobile.

Mayor / Maire

@Dino4 This is a public forum, you should remove your email and phone number from the post. Customer service does not monitor these threads. We are customers like you. You can cont customer service at the link below;

Mayor / Maire


That is because the offer is for new activations (new members) not for existing members. It is in the fine print in the black box.

Please remove your personal information as this is a public forum. Click on V in circle and edit or you will get spammed.

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