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Problem with phone calls

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Account and phone number is activated, but not able to send or receive just ends without rings going through.  Any suggestions?


Mayor / Maire

Were you porting from another provider, @Sceviour 


Did you reply "YES" to the port authorization request?


I presume texting in/out is working.   For some reason, calling seems to be the last function to work when new here.




  1. rebooting device
  2. resetting network connections
  3. toggling airplane mode on/off
  4. removing and replacing SIM card

Mayor / Maire

@Sceviour did you activate with a new number or transferred one over?


If new, and you are an iphone user, be sure to set up your number in your phone. Deregister any previous number that may have been attached to the phone.

Mayor / Maire

If porting is continuing to give problems, call the Porting assistance line @Sceviour 


I'll private message you the number.


See the envelope icon top right.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Transferred number from other provider

@Sceviour wrote:

Transferred number from other provider


What about texts?  data?  


It does not seem like a stuck port, since if you had a porting issue, you should be able to call out.  Unable to receive calls and texts.  


Does your old provider SIM card still work?  


Might be an account provision issue which requires Customer service agent help.