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Porting number out of Public Mobile

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi, I am transferring my number to virgin mobile but I have not yet received the text message to respond YES to within the 90 minute window 


Mayor / Maire

@sssiiiddd   maybe it is a sign that Virgin is not relable? 


As long as you can still receive incoming text, your PM text should come soon.  Everyone is moving their number this weekend and I think the systems are working too hard  🙂


Give it another hour, if still nothing, your need to call Virgin first and ask them.  With porting, the troubleshooting always start from the new provider.  They are the one who send the porting request out, if the request was stuck there, PM can do nothing 


Mayor / Maire



Ensure your PM account is active and your PM sim is in your phone. You can always ask your new carrier to reinitiate the port.