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Porting number out of PM to different carrier when I have credit on my account

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I had a bit of billing issues when I first signed up and have about 3 months of payment (Around $200) just sitting in my account as a credit.


If I switch/port number to another carrier (Bell, Telus, etc.) when I have credit on my account, do I get a refund back to my credit card or by cheque? (since the account just closes itself by default)

I really don't want to lose my credit and make sure I get this issue resolved before switching.


Please let me know what I can do to resolve this issue.

Greatly appreciated. Thanks!




No unfortnatly you do ot get a refund.  There could be some extenyuating circomstances ie(possibly) your creditcard was double charged and it was given to you as credit.  but even then you accepted the credit in lue of refund...  


the only other way would be to activate another PM acount  (sim + text plan) have the mods assin your number to teh new account and assign a new number to the old account and then you would port the new account and try to sell the orriginal account....


why are you considering leaving?

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Public Mobile is a PREpaid service, so generally there are no refunds.  But it is worth reaching our to the @CS_Agent - depending on the reason that you have such a large credit amount in your account, there may be something they can do for you.