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Porting Issues from PM to Koodo

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am having big issues porting from PM to Koodo. Need some advise.

I moved from Koodo to PM in October 2022. On Friday Nov 25, I signed up with Koodo at Walmart and rep said porting system is down so take a temp number and port it yourself in self serve. Later on Friday evening, tried to port the number in  Koodo self serve. Followed the instructions, got a SMS on PM number to approve port request. Responded 'Yes' to the request and nothing happened. Both lines were fully operational. Checked the status of port in Koodo self serve and status was 'cancelled'. We then contacted Koodo support and the person tried to port again on their end with the same results. (spent 2 hours on the phone). Then the koodo support personal decided to change the Temp number to another Temp number and started the porting process. I got the SMS again on the PM number, responded 'Yes' and nothing happened. Later at night Nov 26, the agent called back and checked the status of port and it was still in progress after 10 hours! The agent did not know what to do at this stage and said he will call back again today if he finds out anything new.


I am in limbo here and my PM account renewal data is tomorrow and don't want to pay additional full month of charges if they are not able to port. Not sure what to do here. Should I be seeking support from PM? To me it is the same company Telus should they not be able to solve this issue within the company! My spouse signed up with Koodo at the same time and had no issues with porting. Took 5 minutes and line was moved over, however he had no previous history or account with Koodo. Could that be an issue Koodo to PM and back to Koodo within 30 days? I would greatly appreciate some assistance and feedback?



Mayor / Maire



That sounds ridiculous.   Sure, they're busy, but porting should be a seamless process if the proper account information is entered on the new provider activation during the process.


The MOST important thing is to ensure both services remain active, you respond "YES" to the port authorization text leaving your old provider SIM card in, and then you put the new provider SIM card in your device.


Sometimes a reboot or resetting of network connections or selecting KOODO as the provider helps establish the connection.


I will private message you the number to help with porting.  Normally, this is provided when porting here, however since within the TELUS group, surely to goodness they can make this happen.



To check your private messages, look at the envelope icon between your avatar and the bell icon on the upper right.




For porting problem, you always work with the new provider for the issue.  So, call back Koodo and have them to check that was the issue.  You are lucky that  both Koodo and PM are owned by Telus..  So, just in case you need to pay an extra month in PM, Koodo has ways to give you a one time credit to conpensate it, but this is up to them.  so, discuss with Koodo 


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