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Only getting 0.7 monthly points on a 1.20 monthly points plan

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


I subscribed to the 4 GB of data for $24/month plan during the boxing week specials. With this plan, I'm supposed to receive 1.20 points each month for paying my bill. However, I noticed that I only received 0.7 points for this last month. Anyone know why this is? I'm new to PM and the points system. 


@Christina02 yes,  on the free month, you won't get any points.  But it is better to get free month than paying $24 to get 1.2 points 🙂

but from that point on, you will be getting 1.2 points on each renewal 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thank you! I was wondering if this could be the case.  Next month I should get free as per the plan details, so assuming I will not get any points that month.



Points are calculated based on the amount you paid, not the actual plan amount

The 0.7 point is just for this month.  The reason was that you had a $10 credit, likely from Friend referral, since you were paying $14 only for that month.  Next month, you will be paying full $24 and you will be getting the full 1.2 points 

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