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Now that PM has Unveiled the New Goodies, How it works and More

Mayor / Maire

Currently I am on the Grandfathered Old 90 Day Unlim Can-Wide-US-L-D, Unlim Global Text and 6 GB Data 4G LTE $150


Wished PM had the option to have 5G access as an Add-On Option, so like a Flat fee for 30 or 90 Day access and still retaining the Grandfathered Old 90 Day Unlim Can-Wide-US-L-D, Unlim Global Text and 6 GB Data 4G LTE $150


Also, If we had a E-Sim Phone, how would we be able to activate?


The 90 Day Return Plan cycle is Wonderful, Just not having the US-L-D included is disappointing


If they can now add more stuff eventually, Like, Access to Global Short Codes and Just topping up to use, Like how the Add-On Data works


If they can Add More Countries to the Global L-D List, and Add More to the Roaming List too, then that would Make PM the Best of Both Worlds


I was clamouring hard for these, in the past ppl said that it wasn't something PM would have done ever, or Not Priority, But now it seems Telus Is Finally Granting PM some Autonomy on these, and hopefully, More to see and more to come and experience


Too bad Siren App couldn't come Back Home, But, Can't complain when PM is Opening the Vault to something Grander, wonderful


Downloaded the App, simple, and definitely On Point, No Arguments


I wonder too, how can I access the VoLTE with my Motorola Moto One 5G Ace


Mayor / Maire

Oh ok, it was a long-shot anyway 🙂

Mayor / Maire


It doesn't save. It only allows my APN and one for "tethered internet".

Does it let you create a new APN? I wasn't suggesting to edit. You need to keep the normal APN for data and MMS. My suggestion is only to create a new IMS APN in addition to what's already there.

Mayor / Maire


I thought I would give your idea of editing the APN on my moto g7+ a try and have discovered my APN is now greyed out with no option to edit the APN?!! It was never like this previously? What the?

thanks for the tips @sheytoon  My S21+ still unable to VoLTE  😞

No need to fill in all the values, just do the ones I mentioned.

Name = ims

APN = ims

APN Type = ims

APN Protocol = IPv6




@sheytoon in this



 and this


 what is the correct step?

@sheytoon , How would I set the APN in that Format?

That means your phone is not attempting to register with the IMS network.

One thing you can try is to add a new APN with "name", "APN", "APN Type" all set to "ims". Choose IPv6 for the protocol and save it. That might force the device to attempt IMS registration.

Here was something I was curious on


If one chose one of the 5G Plans, But Phone lacks 5G, Will one still have the 25 or 50 GB stuff?

@sheytoon , when I checked it on that Menu *#*#Info#*#*, 3 Dots Top Right, IMS, IMS Service Status


IMS Registration: Not Registered

Voice over LTE: Unavailable

Voice over Wi-Fi: Unavailable

Video Calling: Unavailable

UT interface: Unavailable

@sheytoon , how is IMS Registered?

@sheytoon Where do I find that IMS in the Moto One 5G Ace?


Mobile radio power should always be on. Turning it off is similar to airplane mode.

I'm not entirely certain about VoLTE provisioned, maybe somehow the phone knows if your account is allowed to use VoLTE or not. For me the better way to check is to press the 3 dots in the top right of that menu and select IMS Service Status. You need to be registered on the IMS network. This will allow your phone to use VoLTE.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

What they need to do is restore the non-expiring data add-ons full stop, no 30-day or 90-day ones, just go back to the way it was, I do like the unlimited data myself, just not at the expensive price range, they should at least make it somewhat affordable by allowing mid-tier plans to have it, if they wish to keep the 30-day add-ons, that at least meets everyone in the middle.

I do agree, They need a 90 Day Add-On Option as well


I hope that they would add More stuff, like Global Short Codes and the ability to add $$$$ like How Koodo does with theirs, for Short Code Usage when using Global ones, Plus, I hope for expanded Roaming Countries added as well


Perhaps even 2 types of Add-Ons, One being fixed term Cycles, other Pay-As-U-Go


At least PM is getting better and Stronger, If Telus would be More Open to Making PM More than Just a Flanker Brand, Like Even Adding the Postpaid Option, But With the Online Support Only, and No Call Centers, Still a BYOD and DIYS( Do It Your-Self) Model


I'm happy to say the least, Hoping for More though

Mayor / Maire


I'm quite disappointed that any newly purchased data add ons expire 30 days after purchase. A poor decision by pm and one I hope they reconsider?

I was looking at the Plans in My Self-Serve Portal, Prices Not bad, I would say, The Unlimited Data for the 5G, That I think PM should NOT have included, I'm quite Pleased at the Add-On System as it is

I just edited the pic


@sheytoon , Do you know what the Technical aspects of these are



Mayor / Maire


Just saw your should edit your first one since it lists your IMEI and phone #. Delete then use your photos edit feature to cross out those lines with "mark up" so you can post safely. 

@sheytoon is the expert to explain the technical side of things better than I can....

I'm Like Drooling with Glee, finally happy, so far, I haven't encountered Any Glitches yet, I am always Nitpicky 



I just want All the Bells and Whistles that Normally on Postpaid, Just Prepaid Add-On-Like Manner


So far, I can at least say, PM is definitely getting Some LUV and that hopefully will fuel More Goodies down the Pipeline

Mayor / Maire


I'm a little gobsmacked by it all....but I do wish that their services and site would just work and not have the numerous glitches and oversights that exist.

At least PM is finally listening to what People like me have been wishing for

Mayor / Maire


If I remember correctly....

#1= 3G calling

#2=VoLTE is active on your account and hopefully your phone? If it stays on 4G LTE during a call you are good to go...

#3=Video calls are not supported by pm but your phone can make them if you use a provider that does support them. 

#4= not sure on that one?

Not sure what these mean, when I dialed the *#*#Info#*#*



What are these info in that menu?


Quite fascinated

Mayor / Maire


Plus this



What do these mean?


Mobile Radio Power

VoLTE Provisioned

Video Calling Provisioned

EAB/Presence Provisioned

Mayor / Maire


You can check if you have been provisioned for VoLTE by dialing *#*#INFO#*#* on you phone dial pad. While VoLTE is being rolled out in batches for existing customers it's entirely dependent on your device being an approved VoLTE device by telus/pm with the whitelist being a guide but it's YMMV for VoLTE capable devices not on that list.

Your legacy 90 day plan doesn't offer the greatest value anymore with the ability to schedule a change plan on next renewal to the $39/20gb 4G LTE plan. How much do you call the US every 30 days? You surely have the holiday gift international minutes add ons from the "more is merrier" campaigns since 2019? If not the $15/1000 US minutes add on is good value at $0.015/min. The $11/30 days in savings ($33/90 days) should more than cover the cost of the US minutes add on?


E-sim is done thru the app.

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