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My son mobile , not linked in my referral friend,how come?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Good day All ,

I have been with Public mobile for more than 10years,and my son mobile over than 2years, I had always been beta referral credit with my son mobile.However, in my last payment May17 2024, it was not linked. Please let me know how to redo the link so I can have my monthly credit as before. Please advise.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


Good day All,

I have been with Public mobile more than 10years, and for the last 2 years my son was linked to my mobile as a referral friend, so I always get my monthly credit. Weirdly on my last payment, I did not see my friend referral, if both mobile has always been paid with my  credit card. Please advise.


Bonjour a Tous,

J suis avec Public Mobile pour plus d 10ans. Mon fils est avec vous pour approximativement 2ans. Les 2 phones don't payes avec Mon unique credit card, Mais CE Mois ci Mon paiement n a pas Eu l application du credit pour Ami reference( referral friend). S il vous plait, si quelqu un peut m aider  a relier mes 2telehones (le mien et celui de Mon fils) comme ca mom credit s appliquera automatiquememt. Merci



your referrals are still there, just that it is not showing like before

After moving to Public Points, the referrals will no longer be showing in a list like before.  There is no way on the Rewards portal to confirm how many you currently have and who are they anymore.   
Instead, you can only tell how many referrals you have when PM deposits the referrals points into your Rewards account after your renewal (within 48 hours).  

PM is aware the demand to see the full list like before when subscribers were on the legacy system and they are working on a solution.   But there is no ETA at the moment

Mayor / Maire

Remove personal data form public forum, please.

No more monetary rewards!

No more loyalty nor autopay monetary credit every 30 days. Now you get 5% off your bill back in points, 10 points at anniversary and 1 point for every referral. If you participate in Community few more points could be awarded.

When you collect 15+ points you have to manually convert them to $15, it will not be automatic applied toward your bill.

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