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My Primary Community Account, can't log back in

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when the session expired and having to log back in, very confusing

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 This my Community Profile, can't get back in, how to do so


Hi. Got back access to my Community Profile

Apparently, there was some internal systems conflict, The Systems upgrades certainly require more extensive tweaking and tune ups to align the system more correctly

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I'm waiting for a second level support to fix 2 of mine. One account was done on the first day (which happened to be this community account) and it all connected up fine after some fiddling and figuring it all out. The other 2 I had to wait to do. They are the ones having the same problem now. I am not willing to abandon those community accounts so we'll see what support will do. I did everything right earlier with making sure community accounts were properly linked to service accounts with their email addresses. I can log in to the service accounts on those 2 accounts as well. Just not linked to the community account. So this is all on the company to make right. I can wait in the queue for my turn.

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@Anonymous @makkahn28 

Could you possibly have to completely clear & delete any saved login credentials from your devices/google accounts etc, then re-enter them?

Maybe give that a shot - just throwing out possibilities ...

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@Anonymous - I wonder what is triggering this? Could it be the password characters that do not match the new password criteria, the username created prior to a certain date, other...? strange.

If you do connect with customer support with a ticket, and you happen to inquire why this happened, do you care to share here?

It didn't happen to any of my accounts, so curious why this happened to so many others.

Mayor / Maire

@Anonymous  Looks like your one of the folks affected by this

bravo the post and support will work with you 


if you  dont hear back with in a day messages support to get it fixed 

Message support directly


  • while your already here and logged in the community


  • you can send a private message   To CS_Agents by clicking >>>>>>>>here.


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