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Maxwest NeoFlip Lte - "MMS memory is full, please clear memory"—But how?! FIXED

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

ETA 2: I've fixed it... for now. I went to my hospital's Gift Shop and bought an $11 cable to back up any files onto my laptop; in the process, I discovered I had quite a few (about 20-25) .wav files I didn't know I had. They were all voicemails (including voicemails I left on other people's voicemails/answering machines, for some reason...) or recorded calls I didn't know were recorded. None needed anymore, so I nuked the lot of them. Then, I had my Mom send me a short text as a test, and it went through successfully! Weirdly, it was an SMS text, so I was doubtful I'd genuinely fixed the issue at first. But then I found the "Message capacity" screen again, which indeed showed me my MMS memory is now "0.0M/0.0M" (yes, not MB, just "M")—in other words, cleared! Anyway, Thank you all for your patience and well wishes! I'm just so relieved to have been able to fix this issue. I don't know why my phone was saving all those voicemails/recorded calls, and my brain is pretty much "done" for the day. But I believe I can work on that on my own... later! In the meantime, I can always clean out my phone just as I did above. While a tad annoying, that's totally doable task for me and will be an easy stopgap solution!

ETA 3: I had 71 .wav files, not 20-30! I don't know how I came up with that smaller number. I'd blame my illness and brain fog, but that discrepancy's a bit of a leap even for me right now! Regardless, it certainly explains why I was out of memory!

I have an ancient Maxwest NeoFlipLte flip-phone on Koodo service. It worked fine for me just with talk and text, but recently, it's been refusing to receive MMS texts, saying, "MMS memory is full, please clear memory." If I receive an MMS text, it offers a download option, but when I try to do so, the same message comes up: "MMS memory is full, please clear memory."

I've found where I can view the memory (provided I have an MMS text—which I don't, currently, as I deleted all my texts and call logs in a futile effort to free up memory), which is indeed full: 0.1/0.1 MB. However, on that same screen there wasn't any option to actually clear the full memory! I'm pretty sure I've gone through everything I possibly can, but I simply can't find a "clear memory" option. This affects me because I can no longer get texts from my Mom, who uses a smartphone that sends out MMS texts.

SMS texts still come through fine.

I'm hospitalized and can't physically go out to fix this issue. My Dad, who gave me this phone and is paying my talk-and-text bill, is a techbane who's useless at these sorts of things. I'm, frankly, not much better than him (though at least I can text someone without ragequitting mid-way through). And I'm on disability, which means I don't have much financial resources, either. My health issues have made me mentally foggy and easily overwhelmed, so please keep any explanations as simple as possible!

ETA: I'm not a member of Public Mobile; I just found this board randomly by Googling. My apologies if I can't be helped here, but I saw others ask similar questions, so I thought I'd try. Also, I went through my phone's Manual, which I also found online, but of course, it didn't have anything on clearing the MMS memory.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Again, I've deleted all texts (including all MMS texts) and all photos. I've also now deleted quite a few .wav sound files, which I first moved to my laptop and discovered were voicemails or recorded calls I wasn't aware were recorded.

And that seems to have fixed things! I had my Mom send me an MMS text as a test, and it went through successfully!

Thanks, guys, for pointing me down the right road!

Mayor / Maire

@CaveBoundGirl  Apparently the phone can take a MicroSD Card, do you already have one in the phone?  Did you try Maxwest support  at 888-314-3772 ?

Mayor / Maire


Once you have everything backup to your computer.

Remove the SIM card and do a factory reset on your phone. It should power off then put the SIM back in your phone and power up the phone. See if that works.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Would I need a cable to back up? I have a power cord to charge the phone, but it doesn't double as a backup cable. But I can see what the hospital Gift Shop has...

Where would I find the Storage? It's not present in my Settings. Again, please clearly explain the steps for me. I'm not stupid, but I am ill, and consequently, my brainpower isn't at its best.

I don't know if it's relevant, but I also can't get into whatever the MAX SIM KIT is.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I don't have any pictures, I deleted them all to save memory!

And I don't know whether it's Android or not.

HI @CaveBoundGirl 

actually, yours is a old style flip phone

can you go through your text and delete those with pictures?

also, go the image gallery, delete any pictures you don't want to keep

and hope you get well soon

Mayor / Maire

Most likely you have plenty of pictures and what not received by mms.

I personally never encountered such message but then I regularly remove pictures received by mms copying them to computer.

Check status of how much memory available your phone has and try to offload some stuff (pictures, music, etc.).

Mayor / Maire

HI @CaveBoundGirl 


backup what you need. Then go to the app settings and Storage and Clear data.  That would delete everything but when you launch, it will setup like new again

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