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MMS and Data not working

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Having an issue with my data and MMS not working.  Initially I couldn't send or receive MMS messages, now has spread to include the inability to use data.  I have tried a factory reset on the device, to no success.  I have also tried my sim card in another phone and both the MMS and data functions seemed to work.  Used a friend's sim card in my phone (Telus Sim) and I could use MMS and data on my phone.  I am using a Nexus 4.  All the APN settings appear to be correct.  Any help/assistance is greatly appreciated.


Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

@andrewjoanisse very odd behaviour from your phone.  Since the SIM works fine in a different phone, I think we can likely rule out SIM card malfunction or account issue.  Since it's intermittent it almost sounds like your SIM card is a little too thin for the phone and isn't consistently making proper contact with the port.  You could try carefully adding a little bit of tape to the back fo the SIM card to see if the added thickness helps.


Or, you could also try a factory reset of the device. This of course is invasive and deletes any data you have on the phone, so be sure to back up anything you want to keep that isn't already backed up or synced to a cloud service.


@computergeek541@imm1304 do you guys have any alternate suggestions here?

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Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

@srlawren, I think you are spot on about the 2 potential choices in this case.  Either there is an issue with the sim card slot or there is a software mess.


Sounds more like a software issue witht he APN's disappearing.  I would strongly recommend a factory reset.  You can always do a backup of your personal/app data before the reset.  

Here's my take on this: 


Multi-format sim cards appear to be prefered by both the carriers and most customers for their versatility and flexibility.  However, I do find it ironic that phone manufactuers used to warn against using sim adapters and even threatened to void your warranty should the sim card get stuck in the sim card holder.  Now that these triple-format sim cards are pretty much all that are available, the phone manufactuers seemed to have quietly backed off that stance.


My believe is that the true, micro or true full/standard(mini) sim cards fit better than a micro sim card with full sized plastic attached to it or a nano sim card with a micro adapter attached.   In the case of nano-sims, I recall that when they first came out, customers cutting down larger sized sim card had file their sim cards down to make them thiner. It's entirely possible that some compromises have to made during the sim card manufacturing process to make them universally compatible to all sizes.


This part is a tangent, but the non-multi-size sim cards are safer.  Although I actually do like the flexibility of the multi-sized-sims, I have had the smaller part of the sim card fall out of the adapter when handling them.Think of the potential for such a thing happening and the card getting jammed in the slot, or in in the case of sim card readers that use a sim tray, many of those trays have a no bottom to them, meaning that the sim card can detach from the adatper and fall inside the phone!  I realize that those cases are pretty rare, but it does happen. 


I am not thinking that this is a software issue.  I belive that the sim card is not making proper contact.  If there is no sim card in the phone, your access point information would be blanked out. 


It is entirely possible for your sim card to work in a different phone but still be defective.  it is also possible for a different sim card to work in your phone but there still could be a defect in the phone.  For example, if the sim card reader electrical contacts are slightly bent out of shape, they could very well be able to read one sim card but not another.  I've had this happen before and had to carefully bend it back into place, and after that, both sim cards worked fine.  That's because different batches and different suppliers of sim cards make them sometimes to slightly different specs.  I wouldn't suggest tampering with your contacts in your sim card reader (you could break it completely by accident), but it is worth considering the possibility of an issue with either the sim card reader or the sim card itself.




Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


@andrewjoanisse wrote:

Does anyone have a solution to this issue? My sim seems to work fine on a different phone but not mine. Its a Samsung A520W.


I am having connection problems with my sim and now my data doesn't work. Very similiar to OP. I can sometimes fix it by restarting or entering/exiting airplane mode. I lose time, can't call, can;t text etc. Currently I can text but my data doesn't work. 


I reset my apn settings to default and it connected but only to 4G, not LTE. If I change the MVNO value, my enitre APN profile disappears (i ensure to save it). 


Any help would be appreciated. 

Hi, I'm curious to know what you ended up doing in the end, what was the solution?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

The date is now September 10, 2018.  The data and MMSC (Pics in messging) is not working.

The messges send.  The data works with Wifi.  The APN settings are to the standard.  Found throughout this community.  I am being told that PM is now having problems with the DATA at the source.  This is odd.  Anyone else having this issue

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Hey @Defender,

I am not aware of any data issues with PM.  Everything has been working as expected.  

If there was a location specific outage, then more people would be complaining.  Its more likely to be your device or account specific issue.