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Loyalty Rewards

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

We have 4 separate accounts in our family. Since the switch to the new loyalty program, only 2 of our 4 accounts are still getting our discounts. 

Such as Pre-Authorized Payments, Loyalty Pays and Refer-a-Friend. 

Two of the accounts get no discounts on their monthly bill. The other two accounts are receiving the discounts as before.

Can someone explain this? Why are they not all the same?

Thank you. 


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


The last date for the switch to points was May 18th. Depending on the renewal date it seems 2 of your family's accounts got a later date for switch. As mentioned clear your browser or PM app cache and log into each account using privacy mode and you should see they are all switched to points. Once the first renewal occurs with the points program you will see the "get back 5%" and any referral points awarded within 48 hours. 10 anniversary points will be awarded on the anniversary date of the activation of each account. Give back points require participation in the community.


@Clooch27 , it might be good timing for the accounts that still had the old rewards.  Not everyone was switched over at the same time.  Also not everyone has the same renewal date.  For the next plan cycles, there won't be the old rewards.

Mayor / Maire

hi @Clooch27 none of the account will be getting the old rewards, they will all get points

you saw the rewards money which is not supposed to be.  Maybe cache problem. Please logon My Account again using Incognito/private/secret mode on your browser and check the transaction history 

if you really see regards in June renewal still, post us screenshot 

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