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Just heard that Koodo Prepaid is considering something I and others...

Mayor / Maire

I just read something, and it maybe the best news since Saks opened in the Bay:

Koodo Prepaid has more ppl than Koodo Postpaid, and that they're considering the tasty roaming stuff.

Now, if PM can have it b4 Koodo, maybe this will elevate the public to the stratosphere.

Oh goodie, the future is certainly looking brighter, and colourful, and even tasty and delicious.


Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

I wouldn't hold your breath for PM getting features before Koodo. 

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Perhaps, BUT there's always room, for more goodies, just need to find room.

Also, feeling that the future is very orange, bright. Aw, cloud 9


They have been there for long time and new PM already have lots of goodies...even if koodo comes with crazy sick thing, it probably won't make me go away from PM ever ...

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