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/Ive been a customer for 4 years and today i couldn't access 611 to update payment. wont connect

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

i thought i didn't set up online acct so i thought id set one up and pay through there but it doesnt send me the code or info to my email .. tried several times.. what is going on?



Mayor / Maire

Call 1-855 number.

Reboot your phone (turn off, wait, turn on).

Pay through web site (use computer).

Nothing much you can do beside asking agent but I would not bother them with this issue. Nothing is perfect.

Set autopay.

Mayor / Maire



Yes,  It does not work for some of us


Try to use 1.855.4PUBLIC and then enter your phone number, it works just like *611 but you can call from any phone


Of course, you can also try accessing My Account directly